4 your Bottoms only

Hum Four Bot Se Aaye Hain.... Mom Ka Dil Faulaadi Jigar Rakhte Hain.... Aagaaz -O- Anjaam Ki Parwaah Nahi.... Qayaamat Per Nazar Rakhte Hain.....

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The founder is away...

... so it seems the others won't play? Where the *bleep* are the rest. Just because I am taking an ill deserved rest in Scotland, does not mean that the rest of you hard working folks cannot come and say something to keep my spirits up while I carry the 4-bot flag up Ben Nevis. Where is the 'All for one' guys?

Oh, and happy birthday to Anant, who I once thought would be the leading literary light of this enterprise. Unfortunately, he has not even switched himself on.

Ok, got to clim a few hills before it rains. As they say in the Catalans: So many hills, so little time.