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Friday, July 29, 2005


For those of you who are bachelors, or for whom the present marital situation is not "working out" and wish to explore other opportunities in more salubrious environs, I would like to advertise id#1136434 from Rediff's Matchmaker site. If I was the marrying kind, which thankfully I am not, and the Lord above and the ladies below concur, I would give Ms Biswas serious consideration. If you are sitting there with your mouth open going "From where the cluck...", don't worry, it is not that deep a mystery. She popped into my world view via a little window on rediff's site; a window that leads to a gallery of poor souls who don't know what they are getting into. If you wish to pass over this opportunity to relocate to S.California, please let Darpan Biswas know. He may be interested.

If it sweetens the pot - I have heard from reliable sources that bangalans are very good for ... oops sorry this is a U rated family friendly site.

Finally, if you are afraid that Cambridge has thrown me out and I have taken up alternate employement, rest assured. I am doing this out of my interest in the welfare of the 4Bot bachelors. Go boys, or at least Saurabh.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Whao code!!

In 1994, during a meeting of the C++ standardization committe, Erwin Unruh discovered that templates can be used to compute something at compile time.He wrote a program that produced prime numbers.

The intriguing part of this exercise, however, was that the production of the prime numbers was performed by the compiler during the compilation process and not at run time. Specifically, the compiler produced a sequence of error messages with all prime numbers from two up to a certain configurable value. Although this program wasn't strictly portable (error messages aren't standardized),the program did show that template instantiation mechanism is a primitive recursive language that can perform nontrivial computations at compile time. This sort of compile-time computation that occurs through template instantiation is commonly called template metaprogramming.

He had used the Metaware compiler and coaxed it into issuing error messages that contain successive prime numbers. Here is the code that was circulated at a C++ committe meeting in 1994 (modified so that it now compiles on standard conforming compilers)

( Extract and code taken from the book C++ Templates )

I checked that error messages containing all the prime numbers are produced on SGI(cc,octane), HP(aCC,iophp1), linux(cc,hilbert). However, on AIX, SUN and windows, the instantiation is stopped only after the first error message. No more templates are instantiated and hence we get only one prime number.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


As far as travelling is concerned, I am off from Stuttgart to Italy (Venice/Florence/Roma/Bari) for a week, so expect little of my (blogging) wisdom.

Also, best of luck to Kankani for he treads the path of no return.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The time traveler's wife

Well, this time, in order to control my perpetual insomnia, I picked up this book "The time traveller's wife" by some lady Audrey Niffenegger. It was thick, and as my sedation levels while reading, are directly proportional to the thickness, so I thought, it would be an ideal solution.
It back fired -
For the past two nights I am devouring it, like any thing...my insomnia has been aggravated, after a reading of 2-3 hours, it takes another 2-3 hours, to get the build up out of my mind...before i get into anything closer to a sleep.(some crucial 5-6 hours a day wasted...)
story is original, well not so original, in terms of ideas, but original as a combination of unoriginal ideas, mix-up adventures of time travel jumbled with the raptures of a love story.
presentation is different, but then these days every writer is experimenting, so may be an average attempt, reminds a lot of the plot flow in "The flowers for Algernon".
Style, full of similes, some of them are impressive.

i cannot give my last impression, as i am yet to complete, but till now it had been fullfilling.
just googled, looks like some movie adaptation carrying Brad Pitt and Jeniffer Anniston is on its way....
These japs..... they only keep those english books on the shelf, for which there is a movie.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sagai Ki Badhai

Many Happy returns for the day to both Rakhi & Kanks. Now, until the first kid is born, this is going to be the happiest day in their lives. The real count down for loosing bachelorhood starts now.

Jokes apart, it's a big occassion. Best of luck for the future to both. I and Shalini tried calling yesterday, but with no success. Tried calling on Kanks' cell, Rakhi's cell, Shipra's cell but all were either swtiched off or not reachable. Tried calling Kanks' house landline number, but as my guess was nobody was home.

Badhaiyan once again, enjoy the moment - both of you!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The founder is away...

... so it seems the others won't play? Where the *bleep* are the rest. Just because I am taking an ill deserved rest in Scotland, does not mean that the rest of you hard working folks cannot come and say something to keep my spirits up while I carry the 4-bot flag up Ben Nevis. Where is the 'All for one' guys?

Oh, and happy birthday to Anant, who I once thought would be the leading literary light of this enterprise. Unfortunately, he has not even switched himself on.

Ok, got to clim a few hills before it rains. As they say in the Catalans: So many hills, so little time.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


It has been sometime since I have written something ... Today is a day when after a long long time I have not gone to office and I feeling a bit relaxed ... Had a long sleep today ... Actually had many long sleeps today ... Kept going to bed after every attempt to leave it ... Feeling a bit annoyed at not doing anything for the whole day ... But hey !!! isnt that something that I wanted to do for so many months now ... In fact what I really want to do it to take 2-3 weeks off and just stay at home for the entire duration ... Last few months have been fast ... but every standard ...

Anyways ... enough about that ... Let me go back to what I wanted to write about ...

Lying in the bed today I was just oozing along ... and remembered one of the episodes of Big Fight ... The debate program that now ex NDTV anchor Rajdeep Sardesai used to host ...

The episode was on the topic 'Has the sex come out of indian closets' or something like that ... There were three guests as usual to debate the topic ... one of them was some lady social worker who was of the view that india has always been a liberal contry it is just that libery has not been publicised and commercialised on the screen or on media (print, electronic or any other) .... then there was this ex editor of some soft porn magazine (forgot the name of the magazine) ... And finally ... The reason why I am writing this post ... There was Ms Mallika Sherawat. (By the way that reminds me of a cartoon in the Metro that talked about Ms Vs Miss Vs Mrs ... If you are not aware of the difference ... then google for it or check dictionary.com ... makes for an interesting read) ...

Anyways so coming back to the topic ... The thing that struck me in that debate was one of the lines of arguments that Ms Sherawat took ... The argument started with the assertion that her movies have been accepted by public in general and it is not only the quintessential 'tharki' bachelors that flock to theatres screening the likes of Murder et al but also families ... And thereby any criticism of hers amoun to hypocrisy ... Why ... because of one hand you are ready to watch the movies on the other hand you would not let your own daughters and sisters to do the same ... Now where did she get the idea of the whole families (And I use the word family here not only for Just Miyan biwi but for more complete family) going to watch her movies but that again is not the reason for this post ...

What struck me was the argument that if you are watching her movies and I would even go further that are also enjoying it ... Then it is essential for you to be ready to let your daughters and sisters do the same ... Never raise a word against it ... Rather be supportive to them ... Afterall isnt it something that you enjoy when Ms Sherawat was doing it ... So how can you now fret and complain when your near and dear ones are doing the same ...

Now I may be missing something big here ... But if I am not ... Then dont we all eat 'Paan' ... use Rikshaw when travelling ... Employ labourers to do the jobs like whitewashing, domestic help and many other such things ... Dont offices employ peons and clerks ... and the list goes on ... and dont we all enjoy the fact that they are there ... but how many of us want our own kids to be doing the same job ... rather even how many of these same people want their own kids to be doing the kind of job that they themselves are doing ...

They are providing a service and we are using that service ... That in no way means that we should be ready to provide the same service ourselves or not try to avoid letting our near and dear ones having to provide that service to fulfill their needs ...

Is that hypocrisy ... I have never heard anyone saying so ... So what is so special about the service that Ms Sherawat is providing ... there is a need in the society to have people like her who probably help in some kind of catharsis and some plane ... She is happy to provide that service and a section of society is happy to use this service ... And that is the end of it ...

Or may be as I said in the begining ... I am missing something big here ... There actually is something special about Ms Sherawat or what she is providing ...

Friday, July 01, 2005

Google Maps

Check Out Earth Satellite Map. . It's cool. Download the free executable and install.

For India, only Delhi is supported upto buildings & roads. For rest of the country, it's only a physical map but it does give up the names of the places like Malihabad, Gonda, Chakeri when zoomed closer.